Santhakumar, Google

"Algorithmica is one of the best in class institutes I have come across to learn and build your skills in the areas of programming and data science. While there are multiple players and organisations in this area, 2 things that clearly differentiates from the rest are,
1. Thimmareddy sir, he has deep and exhaustive knowledge in the respective subject areas. In his classes while he clearly articulates everything in a design thinking based approach, he also makes sure that even a novice gets interested in the subject and follows the class easily.
2. Career ready and cost, the course is structured in a way that it is competitive to fit the job market's demands and you realise your dream of joining a top company. The pricing is one of the modest I have come across in this sector and definitely a good investment to your career.
If you are thinking about pursuing a class, I would strongly recommend checking out the introductory classes (free of cost) and post that I am hopeful you know you have come to the right place!"

Sriram , IIT-Gauhati

Thimma Reddy - the one word reminds  disruptive transformation in schooling. A visionary who is working hard to provide a platform for young coders to sustain and emerge in this disruptive age. just going through his DS, Adv DS and algo courses will speak a lot of what I am saying about him. I cherish a long standing association with him learning from him, aspiring to contribute to society in some capacity.

Kumar Atyam, Salesforce

Thimmareddy sir is one of the great gurus I have come across. At algorithmica, he focuses completely on improving the students analytical and problem solving skills. He is also an excellent mentor and human being.  Algorithmica is the right place for anyone who wants to land a job at top  companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce etc. He explains the computer science concepts in his unique style which can easily be grasped by anyone and gives a lot of confidence to students / working professionals to excel in their career. I would highly recommend algorithmica to anyone who is interested in the computer science field and wants to achieve greater heights.

Abdul Rasheed Job, R&D Engineer - Synopsys

Algorithmica is one of the best things that happened to me during my B.Tech Life. Data Structures & Algorithms are the core competencies any Computer Science Graduate must be proficient with. At Algorithmica, Thimmareddy sir not just taught the DS & Algo basics, but actually took through the thought process, How should the brain approach for solving any logical problem using various DS&Algo. In Hindsight, this is the best way of teaching I have observed so far, on how to approach problem-solving  & coding it. At current day,  even after graduation, If I have to suggest some course for learning DS&Algo, I recommend you to take Top-20 course at Algorithmica. Thanks to Thimmareddy sir!!

Vera, Amazon

Thimma Reddy comes with an excellent background in IT(problem solving and Data Science). He has been one of the outstanding mentor and in the last few year or so he has been dealing with the many problems in various topics offline and in person Trainings . And therefore at the moment of COVID I think he will make an excellent online platform to deliver the same impact to his students who are curious to learn new things and solve the problems awaiting.

Anvesh, Harman International

Thimma Reddy is the very rare best mentor & guru I have ever seen. Irrespective of the track you selected he first allows you to THINK ,then he gives multiple solutions and gives pros and cons to each of them. Here you acquire a problem solving thought process such that you can master any new skill by yourself.

Sreeni Jilla

I wonder how ThimmaReddy Sir gives such indepth understanding of any course he takes. He is an extra-ordinary guy with lot of talent. I feel very fortunate to learn under him. Feel the difference to your life by attending his courses.Thimma Reddy sir covers topics in very detailed and the approach towards the concepts are mind blowing. Very down-to-earth person. Sir is more of practice oriented and covers every topic with hands-on use cases. Most importantly, there is no wastage in sir's content. If you attend one course at sir, you feel like attending rest of the courses offered by him. Beyond all, sir's style of education is the future for many youngsters.


Excellent guru who goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. He never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to his students and treats us all equally. His enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on his students and students become more attentive and active in class. The way he teaches makes you enthusiastic to learn more and makes everything more interesting, learning under him is more fun than a task. I want to contribute more and learn more under his guidance. I can undoubtedly say that he is one of the best tutors I have ever had.


Whatever he says in his class is what he does like teaching critical thinking,problem solving etc., When we started learning computers the first thing they teach is language,we usually learn how to use the syntax of the language, if you want to know why we use it Thimma Reddy is your guy. In one sentence if we have to define him,He pretty much knows everything about computer software and is always happy to guide you in your journey to master it.

Praveen B

Thimma Reddy is one of the best teachers I ever had. It is not just teaches about Data structures and algorithms, Design Patterns etc but most importantly he teaches how to learn. He teaches how to attack any problem.After going through his course and assignments, I am confident that anybody can become comfortable in the topics he teaches. I feel like I won't ever forget the concepts whatever he has taught.The other teachers may teach about a topic and what is the solution of a problem but he is different in the way that he teaches how to apply the concepts and solve the problems.His concepts are very clear and he makes them very easy for his students. You may have to spend days on the internet to fully understand a concept which he can teach you in an hour. You can go as much depth as you want in any topic with him and he will keep on clearing your doubts.I definitely recommend going through his youtube videos or taking his classes to whoever wants to learn computer Science properly and not just to clear interviews. Thimma reddy sir is Dronacharya of software engineering, His proficiency, passion and the ease with which he explains instill knowledge and confidence. I am lucky to have been taught by him. The courses on data structures and algorithms have helped me a lot in each day of my development work.

Narendra, ComVault

I wonder how ThimmaReddy Sir gives such indepth understanding of any course he takes. He is an extra-ordinary guy with lot of talent. I feel very fortunate to learn under him. Feel the difference to your life by attending his courses.

Vamsee, MicroSoft

The best training and guru i ever saw in my life. He starts any course with realworld issues and allows us to think on them. He finally gives solutions provided by that particular technology. Blindly attend any course of Algorithmica and you get the worth of it.


We can earn money with little bit of extra hours of work but how do you gain so much of practical knowledge by yourself? Algorithmica is the answer to fulfill your dreams and satifsy your thrust of learning. Highly recommended to anyone.

Yuva phani

I would extend my thanks to Mr.Thimmareddy sir for his support in shaping my career in a best possible way in technical and personal terms. Anyone wants to learn any new technologies, coding, targeting top 10 companies or data structures and algorithms, then algorthmica is the best institute. Thimmareddy sir is the finest coder, who teaches complex things in simple way. I am an addict of Algorithmica courses especially ThimmaReddy Sir classes. The Problem Solving nature and doing live coding is an excellent characteristic. Sir, i will be first one to be registered for any new course of yours.


A Great guru and a mentor i have ever come across. I personally feel that if there were good trainers and teachers like Thimma Reddy sir in this stream, it would benefit large number of students and working professionals. I therefore recommend that anyone interested in computer science field should undergo training under his guidance. That would help them to view the subject in the most practical way. Sir, I am privileged to be trained under you.Thanking you once again.

Srinivas, Solution Architect-ADP

I’m currently working as a technical solution architect in a multi-national company. I thought of quitting my job multiple times till I encountered Algorithmica in 2015.
Being a computer science graduate, I struggled a lot to adapt to the corporate way of programming. After spending 7 years working on multiple projects, I realized that the college education didn’t really help. During my college days, a student in the lab exam has to write a program on a sheet before they type and execute it on a computer. This pattern of learning how to code has failed me and a lot of my friends to perform well in the career. I have gone through a lot of websites and video tutorials on the internet that taught me how to solve a problem but not how to comprehend a problem. I realized that, knowing the solutions expands our solution database but not the problem solving ability. In search of a higher paying job in a reputed company, I came to know about Mr. Thimmareddy Sir. The concept of “improving productivity for working professionals” was very new and intriguing to me. Though I was skeptical in spending my time for 50 live classes during weekdays, I realized that there’s nothing to lose as I didn’t succeed with other options by then.
To my amazement, the magic happened! I really got what I always aspired for. Like how Steve jobs says in his famous speech, “You can only connect the dots backwards”. 
Every field has a pedagogy. For the IT industry, I can’t think of any better coaching than what Thimmareddy Sir offers. His approach to problem solving is unique and pragmatic. Our mental muscles will be exercised well and the outcome will be felt in the due course of time. In my opinion, IT industry and computer programming deals with two major tenets – Change and Uncertainty. This is the beauty and also a beast that one has to handle well to succeed. Continuous learning is a part and parcel of an IT job and more often I see a lot of people stumbling not knowing how to handle these situations. Sir teaches Design thinking in a way that is practical and realistic to enhance our horizon of problem solving ability and it in turn makes us self-sufficient. The best part about each of his courses is that every problem has multiple solutions. He moulds our thinking to approach a problem in multiple dimensions and we end up evaluating pros & cons of each solution to arrive at an optimistic approach.
I have met a lot of people who succeeded well in their jobs after taking a course with Algorithmica. Sometimes he teaches about how a human brain works and reveals very interesting facts with practical solutions that can be applied in our day-to-day life. If I have to summarize my experience and career, I would say it as “Before Algorithmica and After Algorithmica”. The paradox of my life is that, I realized the true meaning of “Guru Devo Bhava” (the teacher who moulds the lives of students and gives the light of knowledge and ignites young minds) after I completed my formal college education. I am glad that I experienced his teaching and proud to say that I am a student of Algorithmica!

Raviteja P

Hi all, I'm Ravi a Chemical engineering currently working as a Data Scientist at one of the fastest growing company in Hyderabad. I am very glad to share a positive journey of mine with Algorithmica. I got all the support and guidance from Thimmareddy sir when i started to Data Science journey.

The institute provides various courses to showcase our abilities and solve real life problems. My sincere appreciation and gratitude towards Thimmareddy sir for tranforming my career. One will fall in love with his passion towards teaching and patience towards the students.

Even now, when ever I find myself struck and need a idea, my go to person is Thimmareddy Sir. There will be no marketing, if you get to here about the institute, it is only via word mouth as most of the students attended his course are well placed today and still continue to learn which I believe is the key to success.

I strongly recommend all the current passout and aspirants to pursue the courses offered at Algorithmica.